By signing below, you are agreeing to make a deposit of $250 to reserve your puppy, with payment of the balance being due upon (a) your picking up of the puppy, (b) our release of the puppy to a mutually agreed upon shipping agent, or (3) a mutually agreeable payment date (as applicable, the “Payment Due Date”).  Your deposit is refundable until 15 days prior to the expected delivery date of the puppy.  Payment of the balance may be made by cash, cashier’s check, or money order.


You hereby acknowledge and agree that you will forfeit any right or claim for a refund of your deposit and any rights you may have to the puppy if either: (a) you fail to complete the purchase of the puppy for any reason, (b) you indicate an intent to backout out of the purchase of the puppy within 15 days of the puppy’s expected delivery date, or (c) you fail to pay the balance of the purchase price within 5 days of the Payment Due Date. 


By signing below, you acknowledge and expressly agree that the deposit, and your forfeiture thereof, is in consideration of Lumpy’s Kennels, LLC’s willingness to forego the opportunity to sell the puppy to another purchaser and Lumpy’s Kennels, LLC’s additional expenses that will be incurred in marketing and maintaining (including lost revenues related to the use of a kennel spot typically occupied by paying boarding and/or training customers) the puppy after the puppy is born.









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