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Now offering professional puppy transport service. All transporters are experienced dog handlers.
Transporters will fly your pup personally on board the airplane, under their seat, and deliver it to you personally at the airport of your choice.
Call Jeff Lemmenes for pricing and availability - 920-948-2982.

Upcoming Litters:
2024: Spinone, Small Munsterlander, English Pointer


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Trainers Tip:

DO NOT use an electric underground fence on your puppy until after they have completed the gun dog course and are properly electric collar conditioned!


Welcome to Lumpy's Kennels, training and boarding facility, specializing in training hunting dogs, competition dogs, and obedience for companion dogs.

Lumpy's Kennels is owned and operated by Jeff Lemmenes. Jeff has been training dogs professionally, full time, for over 10 years. Lumpy's Kennels trains all types of gun dogs... flushers, retrievers, and pointers, including blood scent trailers and hounds, as well as obedience training for companion dogs.

We train through all Wisconsin seasons - even the winter. Scenting conditions are great and the cover has been groomed to handle the Wisconsin winters. This is a GREAT time to lay the foundation then roll into spring/summer and reinforce the training to have a confident, well trained bird dog come fall. 

Take a look around our site and contact us today to discuss any of your upcoming training needs!



I took my 4 month old black lab to Jeff for puppy gun dog training. Jeff was very knowledgeable and helpful with any questions I had. This is my first hunting dog and he took the time to listen to any questions or concerns I had. I can tell he loves working with the dogs. At the end of 2 weeks he instilled the basics and had my dog highly motivated to perform in the field. Thanks so much Jeff! - Patrick Hugget


I had my German Shorthair Pointer trained by Lumpy. Jeff took time to understand me, my family and my hunting and I couldn’t be more impressed or grateful with how Belle works in the field and behaves at home.   Whether it’s retrieving ducks in September on the Wolf River, grouse up north in October, or upland game at the club in November, Lumpy helped me by reinforcing Belles instincts and created a huntress who is a true joy to hunt over or enjoy in my home.

I neither knew what to do to train this dog or what to expect once I tried. Jeff trained me and the pup. I just received a German Shorthair Pointer puppy from Lumpy’s and can’t wait to work with his training program again. First, I’ll send her to puppy school, then I’ll send her back so Jeff can finish her. Best hunting and family related money I ever spent. -
Gary Lorge


Just wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you for the training you did with our black lab (Bella).  We have had her back for a little over a month now and what you did in the 7 weeks you had her is nothing short of amazing! She came back an awesome family pet who listens, won’t jump on the neighbors, and can be walked around the neighborhood off-leash. You also brought out her hunting instinct and her swimming skills – I can hardly wait until Fall to get her on some Pheasants.

I also want to say thank you for taking the time to “train me” as I was probably the most inexperienced first-time dog owner you have ever dealt with. 

I had my doubts about spending the money to have a dog professionally trained, but I can honestly say it was worth every penny. I will be in touch to bring her back for a pre-hunting season refresher session…thanks again -  Phil Premschak from Wisconsin


GSP pup - Lumpy’s Mika Mouse aka "Mika"
I have owned German shorthaired pointers my entire life and have had some fabulous dogs along the way. Each one has their own unique personality, behavior patterns and skill sets. This is important to note, because I have a comprehensive background in owning GSP’s and in addition have hunted over a lot of other dogs, this experience affords me a unique perspective and a barometer to evaluate them. As you may know puppies can be a challenge on a number of fronts. Mika was without question the easiest dog I have ever had to house break and he was a non-destructive puppy with regard to furniture, remotes, shoes, and clothing items. I raised him with two other GSP’s and he socialized very well with them. I run him in the park every day where he has encountered dozens of dogs, off leash, over the last two years and he has never had a physical confrontation with any them. I frequently take him to my office where he socializes with people. He is gentle, well mannered, obedient, and very tolerant of children.
I am an avid veteran grouse and woodcock hunter (35 years). As it was once stated by the late Burton Spiller; “They’re two types of dogs, hunting dogs and then there are grouse dogs”. For those of you who haven’t hunted ruffed grouse I will explain why Mr. Spiller’s statement has such wisdom.
The ruffed grouse is a very wild, shy, wily, unpredictable, evasive, and what seems to be a clairvoyant bird. This bird is terribly unforgiving and will expose every weakness and flaw that your dog may possess. There really are very few exceptional grouse dogs. When Mika was a year old he showed incredible promise with grouse. His second year was very impressive. Mika is a well-balanced and honest dog who is observant to his surroundings, understands cover, and the tendencies of grouse. He was a very quick learner in his ability to work within the appropriate distances from myself in dense cover, adjust the speed of his approach to the bird, identifying the scent cones quickly giving him the opportunity to grant the grouse enough distance so as not to prematurely flush them. 
I am certain that Mika is going to be the best grouse dog I have personally owned and perhaps the best I have ever observed in the northern Wisconsin woodlots. I would like to add this little side note; I have also hunted ruffed grouse over Lumpy’s Hockey Tonk Pepsi when she was 3 years of age. Pepsi was an extremely talented grouse dog and showed similar talents and abilities as her pup Mika. This tells me that this fine breeding lineage is producing consistent, stylish and exceptional grouse/hunting dogs. - Dr. Michael Szatalowicz from Wisconsin

Training the owner as well as the dog.

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